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Digital agency for your successful business


In addition to attractive design, we emphasize important aspects such as responsiveness, security, speed and ease of use when creating a presentation website.


We implement our e-shops using the WooCommerce plugin with UX requirements in mind. Whether you have a few dozen items or tens of thousands, we will find a suitable solution together.

Online marketing

Without properly targeted and effectively managed business promotion in the online environment, it is difficult to grow. We can help you develop a communication strategy, set up and manage campaigns or improve SEO.

Graphic design

In order to stand out from the competition, your brand must also be unique in terms of graphics. We always put a high level of creativity and understanding of the brand essence into the design of a corporate brand identity, logo or a simple flyer.

Video production

A well shot and edited video about your product or service will tell more than static and long texts. We will create a script for you, arrange production and post-production. We shoot anywhere in Slovakia...and beyond.


Do you need to shoot products, premises or an event? High-quality photos on the web or social media are meant to attract attention and generate interest. After many projects with different clients, we believe we can meet your needs.


Latest selected references

WEB ADVANCE for a full-body fitness program tailored to moms. On the site, clients can purchase subscriptions for online packages, conveniently make payments via stripe. If they are unable to choose a program, there is a questionnaire available for them, which the trainer will use to guide them to the right choice.


Redesigned website in WEB NO LIMIT category for convenient configuration of shooting experience. You have the possibility to choose from several packages which you can then configure. In the order summary you can add a guide or order a take away. The resulting amount is automatically recalculated for you.


Winebox as ESHOP ADVANCE full of world wines. On the site you will find stories of wineries that produce this exclusive range. You can select your favourite wine by clear filtering and simply complete your purchase.



Navedieme vás na optimálne riešenie


Balíčky BASIC sú vhodné primárne pre začínajúcich podnikateľov, SZČO, menšie startupy a firmy. 


Táto kategória služieb zväčša vyhovuje potrebám stredných firiem alebo startupom s dôrazom na vysokú kvalitu.


Ponúkame riešenia aj pre náročných klientov, veľké firmy a nadnárodné biznisy. Ako hovoríme, všetko sa dá. Je to len otázka času a zdrojov. 🙂

Our vision

Make quality digital services available to start-ups and meet the needs of large international companies.

Our clients

Startups, smaller companies, large chains and international businesses. We are happy to help you too.

Our team

Our team is made up of top experts in the field. A company is only as good as its people. We will be happy to convince you of our qualities.

Our headquarters

We invite you to our creative spaces near Figar in Bratislava. Private parking and excellent coffee guaranteed.

About us

We believe in joint success

We clearly see our relationship with each of you as a partnership. We work together on your project. You understand your business and your end customers. We understand the online world. We translate your goals and our experience into bespoke digital services. Working together, we achieve the best results.

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our team

Let us introduce ourselves

A company is only as good as the people in it. Our team is made up of top-notch and experienced experts in all core areas of digital marketing. For specific work, we bring in other proven freelancers to help when needed. We will be happy to convince you of our qualities.

Denisa Bartová

project manager, marketing strategist

nicolas winkler owicreative 2

Nicolas Winkler

WordPress specialist, SEO, PPC

branislav svorc owicreative

Branislav Švorc

corporate management, photography

tomas hegli 38

Tomáš Hegli


Dávid Vaverčák

video production

karina vorosova owicreative

Karin Vöröšová

social media manager

Lady Blue

hardware guardian, corporate therapist and air freshener

marek chrenko owicreative

Marek Chrenko

video production, graphic design

Nina Hikmet
Nina HikmetOwner of House Gatsby and Beauty College BCL
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The people at OwiCreative are exactly who I was looking for. I couldn't have picked a better group for my new projects. They have the ideas, the company culture, they are very efficient to work with. I highlight the project manager, with whom I have established a close relationship and who understands my ideas before I even voice them or formulate them into a comprehensible sentence. And there is the basis of the whole success. Design and programming - there you can quite clearly see years of experience, insight and a good nose for opportunities. We've also done video and photo shoots, and I can't praise the results, but I can't praise the approach either. I'm very happy to continue working with Owi People. It's like opening a present for me and there's always something I wanted and didn't know I could have. Thank you Deniska, Braňo and Nicolas. 🙂
Barbora Brezova
Barbora Brezovaplastic surgeon/clinic owner, barborabrezova.sk
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I chose OWICREATIVE services on the recommendation of friends. I rate our cooperation as highly positive and professional all the time. Each member of the team performs their part of the job with dedication, creativity, precision and above all with high professionalism. They provide excellent client service. I have been using their services ever since and can only recommend them further.
Igor Behan
Igor BehanFounder, gunmates.eu
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Truly quality work! It's great to work with people who understand what they're doing and can guide you so that the result you create together is much better than you could have imagined at the beginning of the process 🙂 👍
Evka Kurčíková
Evka KurčíkováFounder & lecturer, mamasystem.sk
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OWI has been a pleasure to work with. Creative, friendly and smart people who know exactly what they are doing. They listen, advise and direct. They created a beautiful responsive website for me that perfectly represents my brand and my values. I recommend them with all my ten. A big thank you to 🙏🏻
Rita Zvončeková
Rita ZvončekováPrevádzkový riaditeľ v MD Training&Consulting s.r.o.
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We have been working with Brian for many years. I would say I take him with me from position to position or from company to company. The reason is simple, he listens carefully to the client's requirements - the brief, adds in his great taste and it's done ?. Always everything on time and as agreed. We have done several videos, photos, online shop as well as websites together. If you are looking for a smart creative with good taste, who will also chase you to get the project done right, I can highly recommend Brian and his OWI team.
Zuzana FratričováMarketing Manager / AXASOFT, a.s.
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We approached the agency based on reviews and recommendations and we did well. When choosing an agency to help us with the redesign of our website, we appreciated OWICREATIVE's dedication, good ideas, professionalism, systematic approach and the simplicity and variability of the editorial system. The agency met the agreed deadlines and we were extremely satisfied with the final result. Thank you for your support in the launch of our new website.
Zuzana Srncová
Zuzana SrncováKey Account Manager
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We have been working with OWI CREATIVE for several years. This speaks for itself about our satisfaction. Whether it's IT services, software solutions, consulting, IT advice, we can always rely on them. We can therefore recommend OWI CREATIVE to others.
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